About Us

  • Dubai Down Syndrome Centre (DDSC)

    Dubai Down Syndrome Centre (DDSC) was founded to offer 5-18-year-old Down syndrome students a unique, special, and safe learning environment. We focus on independence, life/social skills, confidence, and self-esteem, and aim to be a place where students can explore, create, and express themselves. Our primary goal is to provide a safe and secure environment in which students can thrive. In order to achieve independence, Down syndrome children must feel they can depend on adults in a predictable environment. Our exceptional educational team is comprised of occupational and speech therapists and teachers specializing in art, music, drama, and physical educational. All students are treated with respect and kindness, and offered protection, security, support, limits, and affection. 

    DDSC’s living and learning environment is designed to meet the overall needs of students, and to facilitate their development through age-appropriate activities. Expectations vary depending on individuality; each student is challenged, but not hurried. Activities are based on life skills subjects, recognizing that the most important life skill is the ability and willingness to learn. Academics and social and communication skills are integrated into the learning experience as well. Through practical skills education, students gain a better understanding 

    of their world and are equipped with essential tools to successfully navigate life’s challenges. Self-esteem recognition is structured into the DDSC curriculum in the form of monthly units. Students strive to achieve target areas within timeframes, and are awarded motivational certificates upon completion. Activities are carefully planned and implemented in an open-classroom setting. Students are stimulated to develop self-esteem, independence, and problem-solving skills as they make choices and assist in planning the environment and play-based activities. Students are active participants in building their own understanding. By experimenting, observing, and participating with peers and teachers, they construct knowledge and build on what they already know.

    • Motto

      The beauty of being different is being unique!

    • Vision

      We envision a world in which people with Down syndrome have access to ongoing educational activities that support their personal, social, and emotional development and foster independence and happiness in their lives.

    • Mission
      The mission of Dubai Down Syndrome Centre (DDSC) is to serve as a proactive, dynamic, educational support system for Down syndrome students. We strive to assist students in enhancing the quality of their lives, realizing their full potential, and experiencing inclusion in the community.

  • • Special: Promote a creative, happy, fun environment inspired by every student’s unique needs, feelings, and wishes.
    • Understanding: Focus daily on the importance of socialization, inclusion, and independence of the student, offering activities to support this learning.
    • Need: Teachers work as a team, knowing that every day is new and special.
    • Rise: Invest in building a more socialized future in which students succeed and are recognized for abilities, not disabilities.
    • Inclusiveness: Show respect by recognizing the individual, welcoming diversity, and nurturing choice.
    • Social: Provide children a safe, welcoming, warm, hopeful, and empathetic learning environment, and offer parents constant communication and absolute honesty.
    • Education: Teach by enhancing and sharing our skills, experiences, knowledge, and wisdom.

    • Dignity
    • Respect
    • Patience
    • Curiosity

    • Excellence
    • Independence
    • Strength in partnership
    • Continuous drive for improvement

    • Challenging
    • Compassionate
    • Professional
    • Encouraging
    • Consistent
    • Innovative
    • Energetic
    • Happy
    • Fun